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India is home to the third-largest start-up community in the world. We have been partnering with Indian start-ups for over 5 years, throughout their lifecycle - while starting-up, scaling and expanding. Despite uncertainties in the global economic environment, Indian startups have continued to attract capital, particularly in the growth capital stage.

Why Choose Us

As more start-ups mature, conversations around corporate governance are now becoming mainstream. It will become increasingly important for Indian start-ups to design a corporate governance road-map synced with organizational growth aspirations.

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Our Foundation suite has several advantages over it's counterparts and that is why it is number one chioce of the industry giants.

Our agile Teams & Processes are aligned to provide Bespoke Solutions crafted to fit your specific needs

Advanced technology

We leverage Next gen future technology to amp up your productivity & happiness

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A million lines of codes meticulously handled by a process-driven workforce to help transform your workplace

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We believe every organization is unique & provide customized solution to meet your distinct needs

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