Private limited company (pvt ltd) registration

What do you get after Incorporation

Basic requirements for Private Limited Company Registration

  • A minimum of two shareholders and two directors
  • Shareholders and directors can be the same person
  • Foreign nationals and NRIs can also be directors as well
  • It is mandatory for all directors to have DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
  • Maximum 3 directors are allowed in the form at the initial time of Incorporation
  • Note*: Once you receive the Incorporation, You can choose to have an addition and removal of directors at any point in time.

  • Minimum Paid-up and Authorized capital

Paid-up capital: The actual amount of shares that are issued by the company to its shareholders. The capacity to issue more shares depends on the authorized capital of the company.

Authorized capital: This is the maximum amount of shares the company can issue. Approval from the shareholder and the payment of a fee to the government is required to increase the authorized capital.

Advantages of registering a private limited company

  • The number of members/directors required is two
  • Separate legal entity
  • Limited Liability
  • Free and easy transferability of shares
  • Brand value
  • Continuity of existence
  • Scope of expansion
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Funds can be obtained easily
  • Company is limited by shares
  • Capacity to sue and be sued

While Registering your pvt ltd company , there are quite a few protocols that you need to follow. You need to choose the structure of your business and also decide on whether your company will be limited by shares, guarantee or an unlimited company.

Description of a Private Limited Company

Private Limited companies are those companies which are privately held by people. From local businesses to corporates, Private limited Company is one of the most preferred business entities.

Shareholders of a Private Ltd company may operate the business themselves, or hire directors to manage the company. A private limited company follows a legal Structure For Businesses.

Angel Investors, Banks, Venture Capitalists and other budgetary organizations prefer investing in a private limited company.

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The Types of Private Limited Companies

The types of companies include:

  • Companies limited by shares
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Unlimited companies

Companies limited by shares: The shares of the company are owned by at least two or more shareholders or members.

A company limited by shares is a company that has the liability of its members limited to an amount that is unpaid on the shares held by them respectively. The company can enact its liabilities either on its existence or on its ending.

Companies limited by shares end with the word limited which gives us the information that this company has limited liabilities. This simply means that the liability of the shareholders is limited by the shares they hold.

All the companies that are limited by shares must be legally registered under the Companies Act 2013.

Companies limited by guarantee: It is a business structure that is viewed as a legal person and is responsible for its own debts. A company limited by guarantee has members and not shareholders.

It is a company that does not have a share capital. Such companies have a separate legal entity which means activities like buying and selling of property, employment of people, borrowing money can be carried out in the name of the company.

This structure is legally preferred for most non-profit organisations, charity societies, clubs and other similar organisations. These companies are non-profit companies because the profits are not distributed to the members but retained in the company.

Unlimited shares: A company that is unlimited by shares does not have any limit on the liability of its members. Such a type of company is a hybrid company incorporated with or without share capital. There is no limitation in the legal liability of the shareholders or members.

The liability of the shareholders for the debts of the company is unlimited. In the case of debts, there is no separation between personal and company resources of the shareholders. There is also maximum exposure to risks.

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The procedure followed during the registration of a private limited company

  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
  • DIN (Director Identification Number)
  • Name Application Process
  • Drafting of MOA (Memorandum of Association)
  • Drafting of AOA (Articles of Association)
  • Spice+ (PLUS)
  • Application for PAN of the company
  • Application for TAN of the company

Note*: SPICe+ would be an integrated Web form offering multiple services viz. name reservation, incorporation, DIN allotment, mandatory issue of PAN, TAN, EPFO, ESIC, Profession Tax (Maharashtra) and Opening of Bank Account. It will also facilitate allotment of GSTIN wherever so applied for by the Stakeholders.

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