Trademarks are defined as the objects which represent your business links it to your quality, credibility, experience, goodwill, and reputation, etc. these are the distinctive identity of the business. Trademarks can be words or three-dimensional objects or logos or anything which is unique about the business.

The process of trademark registration in India is lengthy but simple to follow. A few specific aspects must be kept in mind before choosing the right trademark, such as the factors below.

  1. Run a Clearance Search:

First and foremost task is to see if your chosen trademark already exist. This holds very important as proposed mark will not put you at risk on infringing someone else’s mark. Submitting a trademark application with no background work will result in a loss of both valuable time and considerable finances in case you are denied the trademark due to prior use.

  1. Choose a right trademark:

Most of the time your trademark attracts people since it is the representation of your business. Your trademark should be chosen wisely. Never do a mistake of having similar design as compare to the well-known brands, be unique and simple.

  1. Use the trademark appropriately:

Appropriate usage of trademark is as important as registering a trademark, in case of inadequate usage the court and/ or trademark authorities may abandon its rights on an option of any interested third party and allow them to adopt and use them. More you use your higher is your trademark recognised.

  1. No nouns

A wordmark should always be an adjective for the business. A noun should never be used as a trademark. An adjective can be followed by a noun word for making a trademark. For example, photography cannot make up a trademark whereas Kalon Photography can be registered as a trademark.


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