Why do you need ‘Shop Registration ‘in India?

One of the key guidelines to which most of the businesses in India are subjected to is the Shop and establishment act, which is followed by every state in India. This Act is designed in order to regulate -payment of wages, number of working hours,… Read More

How Easy It Is To Do Business In India 2019?

  A whooping numbers of more than 3 lakh companies being registered in India from 2016. Sounds shocking and amazing, but this is right and possible only because of the change in the norms, rules and regulations in incorporating a company by the Ministry of… Read More


India has been recognized as one of the top start-up hubs in the world. Especially under the leadership of Narendra Modi there are several initiatives taken from the year 2016 to revolutionize the start-up businesses. Start-up India Initiative is one such program taken by Prime… Read More